Inside Architecture -A Challenge to Japanese Society-

Directed by Tomomi Ishiyama

Arata Isozaki, Tadao Ando, Toyo Ito
Peter Eisenman, Charles Jencks, Rem Koolhaas

ON DVD MAY 26, 2017

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1966年 Arata Isozaki



1982. Charlottesville, USA. The legendary P3 Conference brings together the international leading lights of the architectural profession at the Rotunda of the University of Virginia to discuss their respective works and the prospects of architecture. Japan has three seats at the august occasion—Arata Isozaki, and two young unknowns he had brought along with him: Tadao Ando and Toyo Ito. The two would go on to become world-class luminaries in their own right...

And now, 30 years later. For the first time, the architects who were there have agreed to talk on camera about what it was like—and what it all meant. Witnesses, participants, and key players of modern Japanese architecture provide firsthand accounts of what went on behind the scenes. Their testimonies reveal a fascinating history of trials, tribulations, and successes by the architects who mapped out the landscape of an era against the backdrop of a rapidly maturing capitalist society. Among them, how the bubble economy gave rise to star architects with worldwide renown, and a reconsideration of the role of public architecture.

INSIDE ARCHITECTURE: A Challenge to Japanese Society is an invaluable gathering of voices from industry frontlines that gives viewers insight into the past, present and future of modern Japanese architecture.

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Inside Architecture

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  • Format: Full Screen, Colour, NTSC
  • Region: Region all
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  • Studio: Daguerreo Press, Inc
  • DVD Release Date: 26 May 2017
  • Run Time: 73 minutes
  • Subtitles: English / Japanese
De Rotterdam
2013 Rem Koolhaas

Inside Architecture –A Challenge to Japanese Society

Casts: Tadao Ando, Arata Isozaki, Toyo Ito, Peter Eisenman, Charles Jencks, Rem Koolhaas, 
Toshio Nakamura, Yoshio Futagawa, Kenichi Toh, Hirotaka Ikuta 
Director: Tomomi Ishiyama Camera: Hiroki Butsugan Editor: Hiroki Butsugan, Tomomi Ishiyama
Lighting: Hideoki Kusanagi Sigetoshi Masuya Sound Recording: Masaru UsuiTakuro Kochi Diego Van Uden Stephen Lee Danial Neumann
Interview: Norihito Nakatani Kayoko Ota Tomomi Ishiyama
Narration: G. Kazuo Peña
Produced by: The Executive Committee for the Japan Pavilion,  The 14th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, P(h)ony Pictures